About Rippl

Keep life fresh!

Rippl is the small choice with big waves of impact, it all starts with a sip! We are a 100% sustainable water brand from Melbourne, Australia dedicated to changing the way we hydrate forever.

A future clear as our water

More than 5 trillion pieces of plastic waste are in our oceans. Now is the time to turn our habits around and cruise down the greener road to tomorrow!

Rippl uses recycled aluminium as its packaging, which makes it stand out from your conventional drinking water packaged in single-use materials like plastic. Better for you, and better for the environment!

Reduce, reuse, and recycle with Rippl

Rippl makes being an eco-warrior easy peasy! For each canister returned at our collection points, 10c will be refunded to you.

The great news is that aluminium is infinitely recyclable. Up to 70% of the aluminium used in the world today is recycled. So, your used Rippl cans are never really disposed of – they’re always repurposed into something better!

With the small act of recycling our cans,  make an impact in the world, too. Just roll with Rippl!


Our water

Filled with pure, natural goodness. Rippl water is 100% sustainably sourced Australian spring water from Black Hill, Millbrook, Victoria. Our water is naturally alkaline (PH 7.8 - 8.0), which is less acidic than regular water.

We comply with environmental guidelines and only take an allowed volume, ensuring the conservation of our natural resources.

Banish boring water!

Every one of our limited-edition cans helps free our planet from plastics’s reign!

We collaborate with artists and brands to turn the simple act of drinking water into a fresh and fun journey towards a better planet which makes water a whole lot cooler, if you ask us!