It’s us against the plastic dominated water industry.

Plastic bottles contribute to the global plastic waste problem and take centuries to decompose, but did you know a lot of alternative packaging still uses plastic as well?

Plastic takes 500 years to decompose.

By choosing Rippl, you can help minimise the reliance on single-use plastics! We use 100% recyclable aluminium material for our beverages.

The search is over — aluminium rocks!


Aluminium has a 70% recycling rate compared to other materials.


Recycling one aluminium can saves enough energy to recharge almost 20 phones.


Aluminium can be reused over and over again (infinitely, basically!)


Around 75% of aluminium ever produced in the world is still in use to this day.


Aluminium cans don’t just look cooler, they keep water cooler too.

In with cans, out with plastic bottles and paper boxes.

Aluminium carries environmental benefits over bottled and boxed water. Our beverages have a more positive environmental impact than other materials, effectively reducing carbon emissions by a whopping 95%!

Now, thirst-quenching on the go can be guilt-free!

Say bye-bye to old conventions. Embrace a greener approach to on-the-go water!