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Disney Lilo & Stitch Reusable Bottled Water x24 Pack

Fun refreshment for the whole ohana? We got you! Pop open a can o’ cool Rippl water and chill out with the ever-adorable BFFs Lilo and Stitch.

Water Type: Still
Size Options: 400ml Bottle
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100% recyclable

Made from infinitely recyclable aluminium

Our mission

We're on a mission to make the world better, one sip at a time! Ditch single-use plastic and switch to convenient H20 in infinitely recyclable aluminium. Join the movement and let your thirst for change start with a Rippl.

Product details

Say aloha to a cool new way to rehydrate with Disney’s Lilo and Stitch! Rippl sucks you into a whirlpool of zest and transports you to a golden afternoon on a beach somewhere in Hawaii, basking in the sun with the tiny tandem Lilo and Stitch.

Our packaging is made of recyclable aluminium that is friendlier to the environment and way cooler than plastic bottles. When you choose Rippl, you surf the tides of an awesome eco-movement!

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Special event or corporate swag? With a minimum order quantity of only 480 cans, throw a zero plastic party every day with your brand, name or event on an infinitely recyclable can or bottle.